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The Secondary Schools’ Summer Internship (SSSIP) is the brainchild of Invest SVG’s Marketing Department. The programme at present lasts for four weeks, and takes place during the July/August school vacation. The target audience is teenagers, specifically fourth and fifth formers who are at that pivotal stage in their academic lives. It aims to expose the teens to local best-practicing businesses, where their varying career interests may be met.

During the internship students are expected to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the particular company at which they are placed. Personalised work-plans detailing specific activities are created for each intern. The programme is also designed to contribute to the interns’ personal development. This is done through a series of development sessions that are held weekly during the internship. At the end of the month-long internship, interns are expected to make a powerpoint presentation giving an overview of their experience during the closing ceremony.

In its inaugural year in 2011, the programme accommodated four students who interned within Invest SVG’s four departments: Marketing, Business Facilitation, Export Development, and Research & Information Development.

The following year, 2012, we sought to expand our SSSIP in such a way that it would allow for more students to take advantage of the programme. Invest SVG thought this was an important step in the development of the students as during the closing ceremony of the inaugural programme it was discovered that although the interns were thankful for the opportunity, they admitted that career-wise they would opt for a different path, than that which Invest SVG provides. We were able to achieve this expansion through the partnership of seven establishments: St. Vincent & the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC), General Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU), Media SVG Ltd (IKTV), Erica’s Country Style, National Insurance Services (NIS), Mountain Top Springs, and the International Financial Services Authority (IFSA). These “partners” as they were termed, represented several of the investment sectors that our agency promotes: Light Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and the Financial Services.  This multi-partner fusion meant that potential interns now had the option of interning at alternative companies through Invest SVG’s SSSIP. This resulted in twelve students benefitting from the 2012 programme.



The Process

Students, who meet the eligibility requirements of the programme, must submit the following documents if they are to be considered for the internship:

- Invest SVG-issued application form

- An academic CV

- A personal statement

- Academic reference from your current secondary school/teacher


The application period is usually during the month of June.


 A SSSIP handbook is provided to guide students through the application process. After submission, the most impressive applicants would be offered a spot in the programme.



Meet The Interns
Jerron Morris
Served internship in the Marketing Department, Invest SVG
Jerron Morris is a 17-year old student of the North Union Secondary School. having spent most of his life in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, he returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2011, where he will complete his secondary education in 2013. An avid sportsman, he enjoys cricket, football, rugby, swimming, boxing, athletics and martial arts. 
Shamarsh Adams
Served internship in the Research & Information Development Department, Invest SVG
 Shamarsh Adams is a 16-year old recent graduate of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School. A resident of Chester Cottage, her interests lie in the filed of medicine and computer programming. She enjoys reading, using the computer and socialising. Though she interned in the RIDD, Shamarsh was often found in all departments of Invest SVG, eager to know more about the functions of each department and often collaborated with her fellow interns on tasks assigned to them by their respective supervisors.
Roxanne Richards
Served internship in the Business Facilitation Department, Invest SVG
Roxanne Richards is a 16-year old graduate of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School. Residing in the community of Peter's Hope, she lists her father as her biggest role model and considers him the reason why she wants to become an accountant. A big music fan, she loves to dance. She stated the very first development session of the 2012 programme, one conducted by ToastmasterInternational, as her most memorable moment of the internship, as she gained a greater confidence in her ability to deliver effective speeches and presentations to unfamiliar crowds.
Jeussana Bacchus
Served internship in the Export Development Department, Invest SVG
At 15 years old, Jeussana Bacchus currently attends the St. Joseph's Convent Kingstown, and know sees her future career as one within export development. She enjoys playing tennis, listening to music, and karate. Not only does Jeussana practice karate, but she also teaches it.
John Rickards
Served internship at SVG Broadcasting Corporation -Hitz FM 103.7 91.5
John Rickards is a 16-year old recent graduate of the St. Vincent Boys Grammar School. Jamaican by birth, he wishes to become a cardiologist. He is the recipient of over sixten academic awards/honours. John enjoys music and operates his own online radio station "Tickle Me Radio:, and deelays under the stage name "Captain John". It is for this major reason that SVGBC chose him as their intern, and assigned him to Hitz FM 103.7 91.5. His motto in life is "achievements in life come to those hungry enough to go for them". John was offered post-internship employment at Hitz FM, since he's still a full-time student, she works at the radio only on Saturdays.
(photo coming soon)
Daniel Anderson
Served internship at SVG Broadcasting Corporation - SVGTV
Daniel Anderson is a student of the St. Vincent Boys Grammar School. Only 15 years old, he aspires to become a technician in the automotive, information technology or engineering field. He is a member of the International Shotokan Karate Federarion, plays the guitar and enjoys repairing electrical items. Attached to SVGTV, he claimed the highlight of his internship was a news assignment he went on at the Buccament Bay Resort, of which he made sure to share pictures of his visit.
(photo coming soon)
Zenica Francis
Served internship at the International Financial Services Authority (IFSA)
Zenica Francis recenotly completed her secondary education at the St. Joseph's Convent Kingstown where she received seven academic awards/honours during her studies. A very soft-spoken young lady, 16-year old Zenica wishes to become an accountant or a registry clerk. her life motto is "hard work brings success". 
(photo coming soon)
Finton Garraway
Served internship at Media SVG Ltd/IK TV
Finton is a recent graduate of the St. Martin's Secondary School. The lone child for both parents, the 17-year old is certain that his future is in information technology. During his secondary education, he represented his school in both football and athletics. Finton was offered an extension of his internship by IK TV. 
Antonique Jack
Served internship at National Insurance Services (NIS)
Antonique Jack is currently a 16-year old student of the George Stephens Sr. Secondary School. A very sociable and team-oriented person, Antonique is a member of her church's choir as well as her school's Business Club. 
(photo coming soon)
Claireesa Jacobs
Served internship at Erica's Country Style
Claireesa Jacobs is presently a student at the Intermediate High School. and is 16 years of age. Though small in stature, she is quite a vocal powerhouse. She enjoys singing, dancing and reading. Owner of Erica's Country Style, Erica McIntosh spoke highly of Claireesa, stating she was a "master of peppers" as she made reference to the young lady's ability to cope with the preparation of the pepper products.  She was also offered an additional week at Erica's Country Style by Ms. McIntosh.
(photo coming soon)
Zeeshan Blugh
Served internship at Mountain Top Springs Ltd
Zeeshan Blugh is the sole student from the Grenadines who was offered a position in the 2012 SSSIP. At present, he is an 18-year old student of the Bequia Community High School who enjoys biking, fishing, and playing basketball. Zeeshan admits that the opportunity to be a part of this internship programme is one of the few positive occurrences he has experienced in his life.  As he said in his final presentation, "I just love Mountain Top Springs"! He also obtained an additional week at the company, courtesy Mountain Top Springs.
(photo coming soon)
Avadil Hamilton
Served internship at General Employees' Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU)
Avadil Hamilton aspires to become an accountant. At 16 years old, she is currently enrolled as a student at Mountain View Adventist Academy. She's an appointed prefect and also volunteers as a peer tutor and peer counsellor at her school. Avadil listed her time in the accounts department of GECCU as the highlight of her internship experience. 

Nikita Phillips - Export Development Development, Invest SVG

Nikita Phillips, of the Bishops College Kingstown, explained that she wanted to build her self-confidence and gain valuable work experience from the SSSIP. Nikita was quick to point out that Shanna Browne, head of the Export Development Department, helped to put her at ease. "While here, I was able to familiarise myself with Miscrosoft PowerPoint, do a business budget, ask questions, share ideas, and most importantly, learn the value of patience".

Shaquille Shortte - Business Facilitation Department, Invest SVG

 Shaquille Shortte of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, interned in the Business Facilitation Department of Invest SVG. According to Shaquille, he wanted to learn more about Invest SVG, its roles and how the agency functions. He was also very curious about what the world of work has to offer. In his words, "I was not disaapointed. I learnt to create an enquiry database, develop a project proposal and also a work plan. I gathered critical insights into work etiquette". In his final presentation, he insisted that the experience was indeed worthwhile and that he will be a mouthpiece for Invest SVG at his school.


Lisa Hussain - Marketing Department, Invest SVG

 For Lisa Hussain, a student of the West St. George Secondary School, the time at Invest SVG was well spent. At the close of the 2011 SSSIP, she stated, "Today, I leave here knowing what I want to do with my life. I am goingto become an entrepreneur like my grandfather". She futher proclaimed that her expectations were met. "Prior to coming here, I thought Invest SVG was an organisation that assisted only foreign companies, but I am amazed at how hard they work to make SVG a bigger better country".


Shariel Bowman - Research & Information Development Department, Invest SVG

Shariel Bowman of the Mountain View Adventist Academy, reflected on her experience by stating, "I came here to mainly gain hands on knowledge about the world of work". She highlighted that her research skills were now even more enhanced and that her use of the internet as a research tool was more effective. In particular, she thanked Angenella Young, the Research Assistant, for her patience, guidance and respect shown to her during her internship. To emphasise her gratitude, Shariel read a poem that she wrote.


Farewell poem by Shariel Bowman


When we first walked through the doors
Of Invest SVG
We didn't know what was in-store
And we couldn't wait to see

We met and we said 'Hi'
Then … we said 'Hi' again
Starting this new experience 
With lots of fun and grins 

One day – two days – three days passed by 
The work piled in, the stress began
And we wondered
'Was this such a great plan?'

We decided that we would try to pull through 


And yes we did with great friends like you

At times it was hard – we gotta admit

But hey – we're now socially and educationally fit

Sometimes we thought 

'These four week can't done!'

And now it has

But we wish it never will

Don't worry; this end is not 'the' end 


It just means you've brought us through one obstacle in life

And the others
they’re yet to come

We'll never forget you 


And we'll always appreciate

What you have done for us

And just so you know – YOU DID GREAT!



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